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Our family heritage in rope work was originally established in 1939 by my grandfather Reginald Jones, who worked at Wrights Ropes in Birmingham until the closure of the factory in 1980.
During the years of WWII my grandfather was commissioned by the government to produce blast mats for cordite centrifuge machinery. He also spliced ropes for the ships, Queen Mary and Elizabeth, amongst other nationwide projects. His skills were passed on to my father Colin R Jones, who worked alongside him and went on to establish our family trade in 1985.
Since this time, my father has produced a wide variety of rope products for inspiring projects around the UK, including many of which can be seen in the gallery on this website. Now, in 2013, My father is a recognized master craftsman, dedicated to keeping traditional skills alive, having produced 2 books, one being the world renowned Fender Book.

I am Matt Jones. I have been inspired to continue with the traditional skills for which I am fortunate enough to have inherited. Welcome to ActiveRope.

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